For Frame Properties of London, AD Simon Thorpe, link to website.

For Frame Properties of London, AD Simon Thorpe, link to website.

The Fight Against Human Trafficking, for Lehigh University. About using AI and Social Media in the fight against human trafficking.

For Proto Magazine and the Foundry at Meredith 

For weiden+Kennedy

For the GDC game developers conference out in San Francisco.  AD Colm Doherty 

From NY People, a personal collection of collaged drawings.

For the N.Y. Times, AD Jim Datz, link here
For Frame Properties of London, I helped create a website for their new building named Market in the heart of the London’s Peckham district. I think it turned out really cool. Thanks to AD Simon Thorpe! Design by Peckham and Charlie Smith Design ( ) Check out the full website here...
Personal work having to do with the ubiquity of screens in our lives.
For the New York Times, an article about voting in Florida after the storms.
For Time Magazine, an article on green energy in the household.
For the City Journal, an article about kids getting training like shop classes etc.
For California Sunday Magazine, for an article about the up and downsides of bitcoin.
For the Penn Gazette, AD Catherine Gontarek
For Pentagram Design and The Stanford Business Review.

An idea for a children's book about our solar system.

For Chief Investment Officer, AD SooJin Buzelli

For NY Times, AD Melody Newcomb

For the last printed Village Voice.

For Illozine, AD Jim O'Brien

For an article about CRISPR for the Johns Hopkins Health Review.