For Frame Properties of London, AD Simon Thorpe, link to website.
For the Penn Gazette, an essay called Infinite Kambucha
For Pfizer & BioNTech, AD Michal Anderson Re:Think, The Atlantic
On the communication that happened between Pfizer and BioNTech during the development of the Covid Vaccine.

New Yorker, Spots, April 2021 issue.
Hoppy Art Land, Poster/Calendar for "Hoppy", AD Yuki Imaizumi,ライアン・ペルティエ/
For Chief Investment Officer and AD SooJin Buzelli, on investments that take a long time develop.
For SooJin Buzelli, PLANSPONSOR Magazine, Bells and Whistles.
Cover for the April 2021 issue of the Penn Gazette, AD Catherine Gontarek
Cover for May issue of Illozine, AD Jim O'Brien
"The Cosmic Kid", work from a children's story I am working on.
Alternate color scheme for or Noema Magazine, link here,
For the Penn Gazette, AD Catherine Gontark. 
How the biggest buzzword in disability rights is undermining the lives of intellectually disabled people.
By Amy S. F. Lutz
For the University of Minnesota Alumni Magazine, having to do with medical messaging on Covid. (cropped)
For the Penn Gazette, AD Catherine Gontark
For Chief Investment Officer, AD SooJin Buzelli
For The New Yorker
For Les Others Magazine, France, having to do with protecting non fishing zones in the ocean using AI.
For Educause, having to do with refugees accessing information and getting an education digitally.
For the New York Times on the importance of a paper ballot..
For Proto Magazine and the Foundry at Meredith 
For the New York Times, an article about voting in Florida after the storms.
For the City Journal, an article about kids getting training like shop classes etc.
For California Sunday Magazine, for an article about the up and downsides of bitcoin.
Unused cover for Variety Magazine.
For SooJin Buzelli, PLANADVISOR, on investment choices.