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Ryan Peltier is an artist and illustrator based in Portland Oregon. He makes Illustrations for excellent publications such as Time Magazine, The New York Times, The New Yorker and PLANSPONSOR. His work has been recognized by Adobe, American Illustration, Society of Illustration Los Angeles, 3x3 and Print Magazine.

Clients include: TIME Magazine, Pentagram, WIRED Magazine, The New Yorker, The New York Times, NY Times Book Review, Johns Hopkins University, Stanford University, Fast Company, Penn Gazette, PLANSPONSOR, Family Circle, Laika Animation, Harper Collins, Esquire Magazine, The Believer, NYC MTA and others.

Exhibitions Include: Artrang in Seoul, BRIC Contemporary Art in Brooklyn, Tinlark Gallery and Billy Shire Fine Arts in Los Angeles

Lately I have been asked by several different publications to take part in political or "protest art" events. I have never actually considered myself a Protest Artist, but it has caused me to consider the idea. The real reason I make images like the "Space Station" series is to give myself an imaginary world to live in, where things make sense, because they don't seem to in the real world. This approach to illustration naturally promotes Science and hopefully, developing empathetic, yet logical solutions to the problems we are facing. My work has also been inspired lately by the Constructivist and Bauhaus movements, both of which were taking on the issues of the times. I love that many of the articles I am asked to Illustrate are written by like minded people. I still believe that printed Illustration is the best way to get this work out in the world. My influences are many, from the elegant, classic design of the 60's designers like Rand, Eksell and Alvin Lustig, maybe I am just obsessed with the brightness and texture of old paper. Other influences are the old New Yorker Illustrations by people like Saul Steinburgh and Bass. David Hock­ney and his quirky design sense and obviously, I will always love Edward Gorey for the sense of humor and the strange, dark worlds he con­jures up.

-R. Peltier, 2017


From a recent write up in YUCA Magazine by Lina Rincon:

Ryan Peltier

Ryan Peltier was born in Minneapolis in 1977. When he was 22 he went on a journey that took him from Key West to Tokyo and Seoul, and then to New York before going back home to Minneapolis, where he currently lives. Along these years he studied cooking and worked as a chef, then studied Art History and Liberal Arts, an that’s when he decided to transfer to Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and started exploring Art and Illustration as a career path.

Ryan works with digital media, that provides him with tools with which he can instantly record every character, every fictitious world he imagines. Publications such as The New York Times, Esquire, The New Yorker, The Stanford Business Review, and Plansponsor commission him to illustrate their articles. He enjoys “solving the puzzle of an article in a visual way” because this allows him to address issues that he cares about, often sneaking in his feelings about the future, or digital technology. Based on his deep understanding of the power of symbols and visual imagery, he seeks to confront concrete issues through images that entice reflection upon broader or underlying truths.  

Space Station

In his personal project Space Stations, Ryan creates scenarios with places, people, and aliens that convey a hopeful version of the future. He recreates worlds in which things work properly, people live in fluent coexistence and aliens are friendly visitors.
With the series he intends to make a prediction of the future that is not dour like many, that doesn’t feel like someone’s warning you not to go there.  

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